Daniel was born on St Michael’s day in 1976. Apart from writing news and debate articles for Swedish and international sites, he enjoys solo swimming out to islands in the sea and doing strength training the viking way – by lifting whatever stone or log he’s got in front of him as he’s out in nature. He’s also competed in strongman events and other power sports, where he’s pulled trucks, flipped tractor tires and lifted logs overhead.

In good standing with the Swedish government he is however not. Though a real “mama’s boy” throughout his whole childhood, he had a real falling-out with the government and became a pariah in society after public authorities had somehow gotten word of him being a “racist” and refusing to help him with any kind of employment, which had terrible consequences for someone being in a family of substance abusers like he was. An upstanding person and completely straight edge as far as his lifestyle went, he expected to be treated as such, yet found himself in a Kafka-like situation when he was faced with this label and wasn’t even told just where they had gotten this information. Daniel was confronted by his handler at the unemployment office and told he simply wouldn’t be able to have a career if he didn’t stop being a “racist.” From the lack of information given to justify this label, he can only conclude that it must have been due to him having made jokes about immigrants that some of the other occupants of the Internet chat rooms he frequented didn’t appreciate. He’s faced pretty much complete exclusion from society ever since, in spite of being a courteous and all-around good person.

As for Internet presence today, he has a Swedish website up at danielhammarberg.se and an English one at danielhammarberg.com. He’s also written a couple of articles for debate site newsmill.se and has worked with the anti-pedophile movement Nätverket stoppa pedofilerna, publicizing the identities, crimes and physical whereabouts of convicted child molesters, information Swedish authorities otherwise keeps hidden. As recently as this November, this work bore yet more fruit in that a predator named Atheer, one of the worst pedophiles in Swedish history, was fired from his teaching position over in Iraq after his students had looked up his name and came across the written and video material Daniel had put up about him. Atheer had been deported from Sweden the year before, but apparently Swedish authorities didn’t tell the Iraqi ones about his history. Had the profile of Atheer Daniel kept up not been available, it’s likely Atheer would still be in a position to molest even more children.

On top of that, he’s spread public awareness about the Swedish foster care industry, both within Sweden and abroad. Children belonging to poor families in the country are often taken into care with very little in the way of good reason – rather, it’s the economic interests of the caregivers that influence the social workers into removing the children, with Sweden having a larger portion of its minors in the care system than almost any other western country. In care, the children are at great risk, and the dismal outcomes of the care placements are well known. Many foster children even become victims of sexual predators, and several of them have taken their lives in recent years following such encounters. He’s written about this in length in “The Madhouse: A critical study of Swedish society.”

As for Daniel’s family, it’s had no fewer than three people (all of them but he himself) go into treatment for drug addiction, making him well acquainted with such problems, and this has also been a source to draw from during the process of coming up with the comedy material in this book. His mother was after ten or so years as an alcoholic able to quit the booze, yet tragically died shortly thereafter in a heart attack at age 52 in 2006. His father and half-sister will most likely never quit their drugs, but keep on checking in and out of drug rehab – and in his half-sister’s case, jail as well. Daniel, on the other hand, has never been intoxicated and has never used any tobacco or narcotics. Neither does he use any prescription medication. Modern medicine isn’t much better than self-medicating with narcotics, if at all.

This manuscript is the third full-length book Daniel has finished, with a self-published work on Swedish society (The Madhouse) in the past, as well as an unpublished memoir. There’s a possibility that rumors may be circulating around the Internet that Daniel came to the attention of the Swedish national police (Rikskrim), Scotland Yard, the FBI, the Interpol and the Danish security police (PET) following computer break-ins over the Internet back in the late 90’s, but surely such a story must be too incredible to be true. His memoirs will surely set all those rumors straight.