Front cover

Background map:


Stepin Fetchit and Elzie Emanuel in “The sun shines bright,” John Ford (1953)
Rosa Parks with MLK in the background, 1955. Source: Ebony Magazine.

Photos with unknown sources (or possibly Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress):

Colored water cooler in streetcar terminal in Oklahoma City
Father and son aiming rifles
Civil-rights riots at 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago
Birmingham Fire Department employing fire hoses against demonstrators in Birmingham, summer of 1963
Bull Connor, Birmingham, 1963
KKK rally in Alabama, 1960
Martin Luther King agitating in the streets, early 1960’s.
New Black Panther Party marching through the streets some time around 2010, unknown origin

Photo Frame –

Burning cross used as T taken from footage of actual cross burning.

Back cover

Birmingham Public Transport – , Daniel Swizzlebeats. (popular Internet photo, Google search yields over 500 hits)
The Hix Family Home –
Hubert’s Headwear – popular Internet photo, unknown origin.
Mike’s Moonshine –
Mary’s Meth Lab –
Lisa’s Laundromat –,-Russia
Sheraton Hotel – Theater het Amsterdamse Bos, 2005
Erwin High School –

Birmingham City “map” made in SimCity 4000, courtesy of Maxis.

Images used inside the book

(all collages made by the author, though some external imagery used)

“Whack-A-Nigger” game photo contains images of Malcolm X, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson
Certificate of slave ownership a derivative of . Photo in picture courtesy of Dan Park
Negro auction collage consists of screencap from Roots TV series and mugshots courtesy of Maricopa County, Arizona