So today I finally had everything done, file-wise, for the release of my book. It’s still lacking a good description for the Amazon page, it’s something I’m still working on, but since I’m so eager to see it in print, I sent in the files today and ordered a proof copy. The last time (and the first one too) I published something through Createspace – The Madhouse, a little less than two years ago – I was pleasantly surprised by their smooth production system for the process. Reviewing the files took only a few hours, no matter at what hour of the day I sent them in, and then they could be sent out right away. But when I worked with their system again now, I found the system had been improved even more upon the earlier one.

To make sure the printed book looks the way you’d like it to, their system forces you to get a proof copy of the manuscript delivered to you. I expected to have to pay for airmail delivery yet again and wait for it to be delivered, but now I found that they had added a digital proofing system too. This is how it looks like when I’m viewing my cover:

Createspace digital proofing system

And you can even see how your book looks in 3d – a simply amazing feature:

Createspace digital proofing system in 3d

Good as this system appears, naturally I still want a printed copy in my hands to review first, before I try to make people buy my work. One of the things that annoyed me before about their system was that you had to have another proof copy delivered through mail whenever you changed something – even simply the description page. With this system, however, I can safely verify the manuscript the digital way and safely modify such things later, without any hassles.

I still wish I were living in the USA so I could buy author copies at a low cost and sell them myself, but alas, that’s not very profitable when you’ve got all of the Atlantic in between the Amazon production site and yourself. Still, Amazon is so much better than any print-on-demand service found here in Europe. So, it still suits my purposes the best.

Well, a couple of days before this proof copy arrives in the mail. Amazon said it’s due on Friday, but the last time I ordered a proof copy, it arrived earlier than expected. So it wouldn’t surprise me if I have it on Thursday, or even Wednesday. Whatever the day, the book shall definitely be published this week, in both print and Kindle format. Until then I’ve still got a bit of work to do on this website and the Twitter/Facebook connections. But oh, it sure is a relief that all this work is over and that it will be on sale in the very near future.